Monday, October 25, 2010


Here is my first official blog post...
I have contemplated setting up a blog for quite some time but could never nail down all the things I needed to create one. The hardest part for me was to create a name, a name that epitomizes me and what I want my blog to be about.

So Design, Create, Live is what I have come up with.

Design - I have been reading design blogs for the last few years and have been drawing so much inspiration from each and every one of them but now I am working on applying it to my own apartment. So here, while continuing to search for inspiring design, I plan to share with you the development of my own style.

Create - Growing up with a father who would see something in the store and say "I can make that", I too have developed that same mentality (my stepmom can attest to that as she often tells me I sound just like my dad when we are shopping) looking at something and trying to figure out what it would take to create the same thing for less. I also look at creating as bringing new life to things that are already, more so re-creating. Re-creating or re-imagining an old chair or table into something more spectacular has become a recent hobby of mine and have plans to share those with you as well.

Live - This encompasses everything else in my life that I consider noteworthy. My family, friends and the adventures in my life...

...Oh yes and FOOD. Since I love it far too much to simply ignore. :)

So this is my blog for now, I hope to find inspiration from it as well as inspire others.

**Design, Create, Live**

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