Saturday, January 29, 2011

My new nightstand

A while back my dad and I made a shelf for me to use as a nightstand. It took longer to finally get it hung up than it did to make it, but nonetheless it is hung and looks so good. The wood, I believe, is from the old shed that my dad and brother tore down a couple of years ago. Love it! Thanks dad. 

Here are some of my favorite mementos: 
-A picture of my grandpa when he was a little boy, I just think it is so adorable.
-The blue bird is a gift from my great grandma, she was such a sweet women and I like to see this little guy as a reminder when I wake up every morning.
-When I was in 8th grade our log house burnt down and a friend of my moms took some of the logs and made these beautiful containers for us. I love it because it's nice to have a piece of our old home but also it is beautifully made.
-The little heart shape jewelry box is a gift one of my best friends gave me. It is so cute. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Making Progress

So I have finally started making some progress on my bedroom. Ok so some very minimal progress, but progress none-the-less. I spent a few hours yesterday making myself a headboard (with a lot of help from my uncle). 

I found this idea on design sponge, it was a before and after project. 

heres a picture after just finishing the project...

and heres a picture after my dad and I attached it to my bed. 
My next project is to make a duvet cover similar to this one from rough linen or this one from 
Serena & Lily so that I can get rid of the comforter I have had since 8th grade. 

Oh and there is my beautiful sewing machine on the left. I just got back from two weeks at home and can't wait to start sewing. :)