Monday, January 2, 2012

Dining chairs, one of four

After finishing my dining room table I needed to find some chairs to go with it. I wasn't sure of the direction I wanted to go and decided to hold off until I found just the right fit. I scoured the internet looking for inspiration when I stumbled upon this image. I just loved how the turquoise looks so vibrant against the natural wood and the black. Knowing full-well that I would most likely not be able to afford chairs like that I thought I may be able to achieve a similar esthetic if I searched for some parson chairs. I was originally going to get some chairs from Ikea but at $50 a chair it was more than I really wanted to spend. Then I came across these parson chairs on craigslist for $40 for the entire set. PERFECT! 

So I got to work on my first upholstery project, I thought this would be a good starter project as I have some tufted chairs that I would like to reupholster in the near future. Little did I know what a tedious project this would be, sooooo many staples. I decided to tackle this project piece by piece since I don't have very much room in my apartment and I would like to have some chairs that are completed at my house that were finished.

I have finished one chair and am very pleased with the outcome. I know there are imperfections but from a distance it looks quite nice and I am sure by the last chair I will have gotten a bit better. 

I'm so happy with how nice it looks with my table. 

I was running a bit short on fabric as I forgot to factor in the fact that I wanted all of the birds to be facing up. I decided to stitch together two skinnier pieces and finish it off with some buttons down the back. It turned out great and now I just need to get going on the other three. 

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